Interior Design

Whether you’re a busy parent lacking time or you just need help finding inspiration, I’m on hand to help deliver the bedroom or playroom of your child’s wildest dreams!

Schemes are always designed with your child in mind. I work around your preferences and budget to create clever and practical design solutions to improve your child’s living space and create a room that will stimulate their minds and aid their development.​ With a background in Psychology and education I can help parents of children with very specific needs such as Autism and childhood trauma. 
I offer the following packages:


This service can be offered remotely. You will need to provide images and measurements of your room. From there you will be provided with a design and list of products and suppliers for you to purchase and install at your own pace

This package inlcudes:
  • moodboards and drawings
  • sourcing list of suppliers


A full interior design and installation service. From start to finish you need not lift a finger, unless you want to! 

This package includes:
  • an initial home visit
  • moodboards and drawings
  • sourcing list of suppliers
  • orders placed and deliveries co-ordinated
  • installation project managed from start to finish
  • styling of the completed scheme


This service suits you if you already have ideas of how you want your child’s room to look but you just need a little direction on how to pull it all together. I can offer you styling advice, offer advice on storage solutions colour schemes etc.

For more detailed information on the design packages please click here or get in touch.