Ringmasters Stand bedside table

This mini make could not be more simple- time consuming, but simple none the less!

You will need:

  • 1 round half barrel planter
  • Frogtape
  • Craft knife
  • Slection of paints in primary colours and brushes
  • Gold spray paint

To create this unique and purposeful prop to compliment a Circus themed bedroom I first acquired a half barrel round planter. They are typically made from wood and can be found at most garden centres. However, they can be quite pricey at around the £40 mark.
If you’re looking to keep costs down (as I always am) then you could try to find a plastic alternative for just a snip of the price.

The next step is to flip your planter upside down and spray paint the mock metal support straps in gold. Once dry you can paint the rest of the planter red. NOTE: I didn’t do this. I should’ve done this as it would’ve saved me a lot of time and effort but I guess I’ve taken one for the team!
Once dry tape out a Harlequin design which is typical of Circus related paraphernalia (and looks awesome!)
I used Frogtape which worked a treat but I did have to dedicate some time to ensuring the tape was fitted snugly into the ‘grain’ to prevent seepage.
You’ll also need to mark out a star shape on the top of the planter and cut out the internal sections of tape with a craft knife taking care not to scribe the surface.
If you want your finished article to stand the test of time then opt for paint suitable for any surface, such as chalk paint.  I came to the conclusion that if this paint job gets a bit rough around the edges it’ll simply transition for a circus themed bedside table to a vintage circus themed bedside table; win, win!

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