Esme & Heidi's (National Award Winning)  Playroom

When I fell pregnant with Esme I had these idyllic fantasies about maintaining a stunning home whilst still providing my baby with everything she needed. I would create some clever storage solutions and of course, all of the toys I bought would be tasteful wooden items that would only add to the charm of my interiors.
Then two months after Esme was born it was Christmas and BOOM goes that plan!.We were swimming in a sea of multi- coloured plastic and flashing lights.

Don't get me wrong, Esme and Heidi are lucky girls with lots of doting family members who've bought them some really thoughtful gifts but they're not always so complimentary of our decor.
But babies and children need what they need, to aid their development and of course to bring them joy.
So plan B was implemented and project playroom was a go! For a couple of years it was just a place for Esme ( and later Heidi) to just let loose and be kids-nothing special, no frills. Just a room to store the plastic fantastic and to let them do their thing! Besides, I was busy with other rooms and projects.

But of course, I had bigger plans for that space. I was dreaming up a colour explosion. Bright and bold murals, quirky materials and a large injection of FUN!

The playroom is situated on the ground floor of our townhouse, with French doors opening onto the garden. It's a big room with lots of storage and best of all; it backs onto our garden. It's kinda prefect for them.

One of my favourite features is the tree mural. It's hand painted and whilst I'll admit it was very time consuming- it was pretty easy to achieve. You can find loads of inspiration on Pinterest as I did and if you don't possess much artistic flare then choose a really simple design with clean lines and make your life easier with a reel of Frogtape.
This cute little duo was also hand painted but they were just so much fun! I love the way they are clinging to the Ikea wall lights as they gaze at one another- they're totally whimsical but this is a playroom after all!

...and as for the Macaw, yes, more whimsy quirks but he seems to make everyone smile.
OSB is, in my opinion, a winning material. It is super versatile and the fact it looks great is just the cherry on top!.
I used it to cover an existing, high gloss melamine cabinet- it was drab and boring but the storage it provides is super handy. So- off with the old doors and on with the new and hey presto! It's taken on a whole new dimension as a cabinet/ memo board.

Not all notice boards need to be cluttered with letters and old receipts- you can find nifty ways to display artwork, pictures and postcards. Don't be afraid to stray away from the traditional drawing pin either- wire mesh is bang on trend right now as is Washi tape- which works perfectly on this fabulous material.

I've always wanted to experiment with painted ceilings and the playroom was definitely a space where I could have some fun and just go a bit mad- I'm so glad I did.
You may think that painting stripes on a ceiling might make the space seem cramped and small but in actual fact it has the opposite effect- drawing the eye up and thus creating a sense of space- it's a winning feature in this room and really gives it an edge. You can get really crisp straight lines using Frogtape and a line laser level. Always make sure you really press down the sides of the tape- use a cloth, sanding block or even a plastic card and you'll get great results provided your'e working with smooth plaster.
Pictured above is another example of a really simple mural that doesn't require any artistic skillset- to achieve this little row of houses I first painted the background using black chalkboard paint. Next I marked out the houses using my trusty reel of Frogtape and then painted the whole wall again in white. TIP: Do make sure you get plenty of coats on at this stage as once the tape is removed it will be very difficult to rectify.
Then let the fun begin as you peel away the tape to reveal this cute little scene. So easy and yet so effective.
Finally get dotty with a wine cork and a tray of chalkboard paint, taking care to remove excess paint to avoid drips...ta daaaa!
Follow the link for step by step guidance on how to create this Ikea kitchen makeover.

Finally, I simply had to get my monochrome fix in somewhere and so the multiple doors and back wall lend themselves nicely.

To achieve the chevron stripes I used Frogtape (yes it's a recurring theme and I'm not even sorry)  

The surrounding wall is painted in chalkboard paint and I had lots of fun adorning it with hand lettering techniques using some really clever chalkboard pens I picked up on eBay.

I also left a designated zone for the girls to use their own chalks and unleash their creative side. I really like the idea of zoning kids artwork. It's lovely to display their masterpieces and this way it doesn't look at all untidy.

"We didn't realise we were making memories- we just knew we were having fun"- Pooh Bear

You can recreate this super simple design using a bottle cork and paint.

Pinwheels and pom- poms are a great way to add pops of colour to a space- perfect for rented accomodation.

Ikea spice racks aren't just for spices! Paint the front rail to match your colour scheme and they are prefect for displaying your favourite reads.

Anything else you want to know about this room makeover? Head over to my CONTACT section where you can post a question and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!