Eden's Nursery

Born at just 30 weeks, my youngest client to date is gorgeous baby Eden. Mum, Emma wanted an extra special space for her scrumptious little miracle where he can grow and make memories and I think this room certainly delivers. It’s a relaxing haven and I expect (and Emma is ever hopeful) that this tiny boy will catch plenty of Zzzzz’s in his new serene setting.

Actually, I defy anyone who steps into this room to not feel like they want to reach for the nearest pillow. The room uses a calming colour palette of earthy blue where its hue is on the warmer side of the spectrum- so cosy!
The paint continues across the radiator, window sill, architrave and door to give a seamless finish, whilst the upper third and ceiling is wrapped in cream embellished with gold glitter- a personal favorite feature of mine. When it catches the light it’s just magical!

 Furnished with sumptuous textures such as the faux fur rug wrapped over the transparent Eames style rocking chair, floaty feather lighting and natural tones including the round jute rug, logs and branches. And as for the bohemian chic cot canopy…I want one myself. It’s the main focal point of the room and with good reason- it brings the elegance of the scheme to a whole new level and creates a light and floaty feeling- it’s a sleep inducing oasis.

The nursery started life as a tired office space in much need of some TLC. The furniture had already been purchased so I worked cream and oak into the space to bring continuity. Gold accents add sophistication to the scheme; including some whimsy features such as the woodland animal door hooks and star wall decals. There is an undertone of a woodland ‘theme’ but it’s subtle and enchanting in its delivery.

As I am a self-professed thrifting queen, no room makeover would be complete without some cost cutting makes to add some unique and charming accessories to Eden’s little haven. Let’s start with the ‘belt shelf.’ Yes, you did read that right…belts! This shelf cost no more than £4 to make using 2 leather effect belts bought from none other than Primark and a piece of oak wood I had lying around. I used a stud press to create the straps and voila! I’ve seen similar shelving priced up to £80 so this winning item is a real triumph!
Felt has always been a popular choice for kids’ interiors- it’s tactile and available in every colour under the sun so it’s no wonder it’s such a hit with small folk. I’ve incorporated felt balls into Eden’s hanging mobile. This make was unbelievably easy to do. Achieved by simply threading butchers twine through the felt balls and fixing to branches from my garden. This mobile is stunning in its simplicity. In fact it was so easy to make that I also included a pompom wall hanging created in much the same way- anybody who knows me will know I don’t need much of an excuse to feature pompoms! 
This room is everything a nursey should be. It’s a completely calming and soothing zone. Eden’s nursery is charming, refined and perhaps best of all; dynamic. Emma wanted a room for Eden that would continue to suit him as he grows into a young man. The finished room was a huge hit with older brother Jamie, 7 and confirmation that our objective was met!

For now however, this room is Eden’s retreat and I hope within these 4 walls he will thrive, discover and dream big!

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