Esme's Room

My eldest daughter, Esme is a true princess. She’s about as girly as they come; pink, glitter, frills. You name it, that’s Esme. She’s also the sweetest, most thoughtful and easy going little girl. If there were a pea under her mattress, she might feel it, but she’d never complain. Yes, I know, I’m gushing. But I’m proud. She really is such a good kid.

So when it came to designing her ‘big girls’ bedroom, pink was a no brainer. Glitter was the cherry on top. The muted pastel tones in Esme’s room were carefully chosen to create a calming environment, somewhere that would provide a peaceful haven once she returns from her busy day at school, and where she could drift off to sleep with the sweetest of dreams.

Speaking of sweet, Esme has always been partial to an ice cream or two, and so naturally this yummy treat also features in her soft- hued scheme. Her gorgeous bear print, 'Hello Kittty' night light and hand printed blind add a whimsical touch to this charming and cosy space.
Ask her favourite flavour? Well, that depends on the day of the week. The base colour of Esme’s room is a nod to chocolate, with strawberry (and gold) spots. I get lot of comments about where Esme’s ‘wallpaper’ is from. It’s actually not wallpaper but hand stamped using circles cut from craft foam and a cardboard spacer. I know what you’re thinking; ‘That must’ve taken hours?!’ Yes. Yes it did, but sometimes I’m a stubborn little mule when it comes to DIY. Paying someone to slap some paste and paper on would’nt have given me the same level of satisfaction.