Cable Drum Cat Hack

Calling all cat lovers!
I absolutely love a cat hack- there are so many fab ideas on Pinterest for ingenious ways you can keep your furry friend comfortable and amused whilst keeping your home looking suave and stylish.
Head into your local pet store and it probably tells a different story- bog standard scratching posts with a faux fur square base finished with plastic jingly balls. Or pyramid beds in fishbone fabric. Sound familiar? It’s hard to find pet products that accommodate the house proud among us.
Don’t get me wrong; there are some really gorgeous high end pet products available that any pet owner would be proud of but of course, they cost a pretty penny!

So what do we do guys? Do we settle for unattractive items tarnishing our homes? Do we let our furry friends go without? Or do we eat beans on toast for an entire month to justify a lavish splurge?
No I hear you cry! We do none of the above! We DIY!
I’m going to share with you a few really simple steps to create a Scandi inspired multifunctional cat bed and scratching post using none other than a cable drum.
This nifty hack cost me just under £25 and took under 2 hours to complete! Here's how:

You will need:

  • A small 20’’ diameter cable drum ( I picked mine up for free from my local industrial estate)
  • A 20’’ diameter foam pad or you could use plenty of teddy bear stuffing if you’d prefer) £5.65
  • 30m of natural jute rope £10.50
  • 1.7mtr of pom pom trim £7.65
  • 30x30’’ fabric of your choice
  • 30x30’’ felt to colour match fabric
  • Paint of your colour choice
  • Frogtape
  • Heavy duty staple gun
  • Glue gun
  • Paintbrush
Firstly you will need to tightly wrap the jute rope around the centre of the cable drum. Fix with staples at the starting and finishing point- I managed to feed the rope through to the inside to achieve a neat finish and allow for a really strong fixing.
Next sit your foam pad on top and lay your fabric over. Trim excess fabric ensuring you have a good overlap when you come to staple in place underneath.
Flip over and staple in place.

Return to an upright position and mark out a geometric pattern of your choice using Frogtape. Ensure you tightly seal the edges using a cloth before painting. Leave to dry and peel to reveal your design.
To achieve a neat and professional finish, line the underside with felt. Draw around the base onto your felt and cut. Fold into quarters. Measure the distance from the edge of the base to the central column and re-measure this distance onto your felt. Draw round a plate to mark out the inner circle before cutting out. Then cut from one edge through to the middle. You can now wrap around the central column and glue into place using a glue gun or spray adhesive in a well ventilated area.
Finally to add that je nais se quoi finish with a pom pom trim and there you have it- the puuuuurrrrfect pedestal for your pampered pal!
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